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Program At-a-Glance

List of accepted papers

Main conference track

  • #5. Robust Image Hashing for Detecting Small Tampering Using a Hyperrectangular Region – Toshiki Itagaki (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation); Yuki Funabiki (Sony Corporation); Toru Akishita (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation)
  • #7. Differentially Private Generative Adversarial Networks with Model Inversion – Dongjie Chen (University of California, Davis); Sen-ching S Cheung (University of Kentucky); Chen-Nee Chuah (University of California Davis); Sally Ozonoff (University of California Davis)
  • #15. Spoofing Speaker Verification With Voice Style Transfer And Reconstruction Loss – Thomas Thebaud (Orange); Gaël Le Lan (Orange Labs); Anthony Larcher (Universite du Mans – LIUM)
  • #19. Impact of Super-Resolution and Human Detection in Drone Surveillance – Akshay Agarwal (University at Buffalo); Nalini Ratha (University at Buffalo, SUNY); Mayank Vatsa (IIT Jodhpur); Richa Singh (IIT Jodhpur)
  • #21. How PDF files are published in Scientific Community? – Supriya Adhatarao (Inria)
  • #22. CNN Steganalyzers Leverage Local Embedding Artifacts – Yassine Yousfi (Binghamton University); Jan Butora (Binghamton University); Jessica Fridrich (“SUNY, Binghamton”)
  • #23. Data Augmentation for JPEG Steganalysis – Tomer Itzhaki (Binghamton university); Yassine Yousfi (Binghamton University); Jessica Fridrich (“SUNY, Binghamton”)
  • #24. Unsupervised JPEG Domain Adaptation for Practical Digital Image Forensics – Rony Abecidan (Université de Lille); Vincent Itier (IMT Lille-Douai); Jeremie Boulanger (Cristal); Patrick Bas (CNRS)
  • #27. Compare Before You Buy: Privacy-Preserving Selection of Threat Intelligence Providers – Jelle Vos (Delft University of Technology); Zekeriya Erkin (TU Delft); Christian Doerr (Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam)
  • #28. On the Recognition Performance of BioHashing on state-of-the-art Face Recognition models – Hatef Otroshi Shahreza (Idiap Research Institute); Vedrana Krivokuca (Idiap); Sébastien Marcel (IDIAP)
  • #33. Structural Watermarking to Deep Neural Networks via Network Channel Pruning – Hanzhou Wu (Shanghai University)
  • #34. Scalable Fact-checking with Human-in-the-Loop – Jing Yang (University of Campinas); Didier Augusto Vega-Oliveros (University of Campinas); Taís Seibt (Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sino); Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP)
  • #37. Multi Loss Fusion For Matching Smartphone Captured Contactless Finger Images – Bhavin Jawade (University at Buffalo); Akshay Agarwal (University at Buffalo); Nalini Ratha (SUNY Buffalo); Srirangaraj Setlur (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
  • #39. Iteratively Generated Adversarial Perturbation for Audio Stego Post-processing – Kaiyu Ying (Ningbo University); Wang Rangding (Ningbo University); Yan Diqun (Ningbo University)
  • #42. Source Attribution for News Articles by Image Compression Analysis – Michael Albright (Kitware Inc.); Nitesh Menon (Kitware Inc.); Kristy Roschke (Arizona State University); Arslan Basharat (Kitware Inc. )
  • #45. Apart from in-field sensor defects, are there additional age traces hidden in an digital image? – Robert Jöchl (University of Salzburg); Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg)
  • #48. Differential Anomaly Detection for Facial Images – Mathias Ibsen (Hochschule Darmstadt); Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler (Hochschule Darmstadt); Christian Rathgeb (Hochschule Darmstadt); Pawel Drozdowski (Hochschule Darmstadt); Marta Gomez-Barrero (Hochschule Ansbach); Christoph Busch (Hochschule Darmstadt)
  • #50. Time Scaling Detection and Estimation in Audio Recordings – Michele Pilia (Politecnico di Milano); Sara Mandelli (Politecnico di Milano); Paolo Bestagini (Politecnico di Milano); Stefano Tubaro (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
  • #51. Assessment of Synthetically Generated Mated Samples from Single Fingerprint Samples Instances – Simon Kirchgasser (University of Salzburg); Christoph Kauba (University of Salzburg); Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg)
  • #59. Secure Collaborative Editing Using Secret Sharing – Shashank Arora (University at Albany, SUNY); Pradeep K. Atrey (University at Albany, SUNY)

Special Session : Forensics and Security of Physical Objects

  • #4. Fusing Multiscale Texture and Residual Descriptors for Multilevel 2D Barcode Rebroadcasting Detection – Anselmo Ferreira (University of Siena); Changsheng Chen (Shenzhen University); Mauro Barni (University of Siena)
  • #8. Mobile authentication of copy detection patterns under unknown fakes: how critical is to know fakes? – Olga Taran (Geneva University); Joakim Tutt (University of Geneva); Taras Holotyak (Geneva University); Roman Chaban (University of Geneva); Slavi Bonev (University of Geneva); Slava Voloshynovskiy (University of Geneva)
  • #11. Quality of Service Guarantees for Physical Unclonable Functions – Onur Günlü (Technische Universitaet Berlin); Rafael F. Schaefer (Technische Universität Berlin); H. Vincent Poor (Princeton University)
  • #13. 3D Printing Resilient Localized Mesh Watermarking – Yanmei Chen (University of Science and Technology of China); Zehua Ma (University of Science and Technology of China); Hang Zhou (Simon Fraser University); Weiming Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China)
  • #14. Machine learning attack on copy detection patterns: are 1×1 patterns cloneable? – Roman Chaban (University of Geneva); Olga Taran (Geneva University); Joakim Tutt (University of Geneva); Taras Holotyak (Geneva University); Slavi Bonev (University of Geneva); Slava Voloshynovskiy (University of Geneva)
  • #52. Self-embedding watermarking method for G-code used in 3D printing – Zhenyu Li (State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advanced Computing); Daofu Gong; Lei Tan; Xiangyang Luo (State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advanced Computing); Fenlin Liu (Zhengzhou Science and Technology Institute); Adrian Bors (University of York)
  • #54. Can Copy Detection Patterns be copied? Evaluating the performance of attacks and highlighting the role of the detector – Elyes Khermaza (Scantrust); Iuliia Tkachenko (LIRIS); Justin Picard (Scantrust)