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Conference Venue

Given the current health situation due to COVID-19, we plan to organize the conference in a hybrid format, giving priority to the face-to-face part. Provided that this is possible, the workshop will be held in the old Faculty of Medicine, in downtown Montpellier. Listed as a monument since 2004, it is the oldest school in the Western world that has never stopped working.

Keynotes and oral sessions, including special and regular sessions, will be held at the Theatrum Anatomicum. Inaugurated in 1804, this 240-seat amphitheater is appreciated for its conviviality. In the center are the marble table used for anatomy demonstrations and the curule chair, seat of the great Roman magistrates, from Arena of Nîmes. It hosts daily classes and seminars.

In addition, coffee breaks will be held in the Atrium for up to 200 people. This majestic entrance, 20x8m, is ideal for setting home congresses and stands exhibitors, under the gaze of doctors from Antiquity represented in busts on columns. In the background, an elegant staircase with 3 flights, with a superb wrought iron banister of the eighteenth century, leads to the library.

Finally, lunch and welcome reception will take place at the Cour d’honneur. The terrace offers a superb view of the medieval walls, with the magnificent look of the square towers of the former collegiate church of the 14th century, on the right side while downstairs is choretto that revives the memory of the vanish cloister. The Court serves as a setting for receptions, aperitifs and buffets, and sometimes for theater and concert performance. It is possible to install tents, marquees, platforms and bleachers.